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Some advertisers who participated in the study blamed inadequate marketing technology platforms for their lack of results. Some pointed to the prioritization of other programs within their organizations as an obstacle. But there was one area where the majority of marketers felt especially lacking: their abilities to map consumer journeys and tailor content to match the various touch points along those journeys.

That’s a problem.

Above all else, the success of your digital strategy depends on your ability to understand your customer. That understanding is what allows you to deliver the right content at the right time through the right channel.

1.       Let customers dictate content.

Modern marketing technology allows advertisers to deliver personalized, engaging content that can create stronger bonds between customers and brands. By providing customers with content that resonates with them, you’ll often be rewarded with loyalty and further engagement.

2. Segment audiences

Segmentation allows you to execute any marketing strategy more efficiently. By segmenting customers on the basis of where they are in the customer journey, you can determine what type of content is most likely to keep them moving forward.

3. Allocate resources on the basis of impact.

As you continue to learn about your customers’ behavior from their interactions with your content, incorporate those insights into your investment decisions. Your programmatic buys and other online efforts should get more effective the longer your campaign is in flight. Similarly, you should repurpose high-performing content and aim to maximize ROI from each piece of content you produce.

A sound digital advertising strategy is always customer-centric and data-driven. Whenever possible, avoid making decisions on the basis of assumptions. Unfortunately, marketers have very little room for error when it comes to reaching and engaging the modern consumer. Targeting potential customers with irrelevant or uninspiring content can make reaching those customers even harder in the future.

Instead, study customer behavior and take the time to map out a detailed customer journey and to produce the content that will move customers from one point  to the next. And when you do make mistakes, make sure you learn from them.

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